Community Service

Community Service Validation Form



  • Community Service for non-profit organizations. A non-profit organization is operated primarily for scientific, educational, service, charitable, or similar purposes in the public interest; is not organized primarily for profit; and uses its net proceeds to maintain, improve, and/or expand its operations. 
  • Community service done through school organizations before/after school hours (IOC, Future Business Leaders of America, LEO Club, Student Council, EA Theatre Club).
  • Community service done during summer vacations, weekends, and school vacations.
  • Community service hours will be accepted after graduation 

       from 8th grade.

  • Community Service done through medical care facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, respite work for the elderly).
  • Community Service done during school hours which has been authorized through administration.



  • Work performed during school hours through school organizations that are service-based.
  • Court-ordered community service.
  • Performances where admission is charged.
  • Rehearsal time or work completed as part of a class fundraiser.
  • Work performed for compensation.
  • Work that is not documented.
  • Work done for a relative.




Documentation of hours should be submitted within a year of the date community service was performed.

Students must have a Community Service Validation Form completed, signed, and returned to receive credit for the hours.

Community Service Validation Forms are available from Guidance and Renaissance Committee members.

All awards are based on the Committee’s review of the submitted forms.