The Guidance Office staff at Erskine Academy is committed to providing a friendly and helpful atmosphere and is available to assist students, parents, and alumni.

The two counselors, Betsy Benner and Kate Hersom, work with students on an individual basis, in small groups, and in the classroom.  Ms. Benner and Ms. Hersom provide assistance with course selection and scheduling concerns, educational and career planning, college applications, decision making, and personal issues.  It is our hope that the supportive, comfortable atmosphere we attempt to provide will encourage all students to take advantage of these many services.

The Guidance Office can help students investigate their options whether their goal is to further their education at a community college or university, pursue a career in the military, or immediately move into the work world. We encourage every student and parent to stop by the Guidance Office and utilize our resources at any time.

Kate Hersom, Guidance Counselor:
Seniors – Class of 2021: A-L
Juniors – Class of 2022: A-K
Sophomores – Class of 2023: A-K
Freshmen – Class of 2024: A-K
Betsy Benner, Guidance Counselor:
Seniors – Class of 2021: M-Z
Juniors – Class of 2022: L-Z
Sophomores – Class of 2023: L-Z
Freshmen – Class of 2024: L-Z
Susan Beckwith, Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor
Halda Stout, Guidance Activities Coordinator
Heide Hotham, Registrar/Guidance Secretary

Jenny Sutter, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, & Athletic Director; Yearbook Advisor