Grading Policy & Honor Roll

Rank in Class

Erskine Academy has a weighted system for determining Rank in Class. There are six course levels:  AP, Honors, Academic, Electives, Special Education, and Summer School. Rank in Class is determined by factoring the level of the class, course credit and the student’s earned grade in the course. The Rank in Class is calculated at the end of each trimester. During the student’s senior year, the final Rank in Class is figured at the end of the 2nd trimester which determines the top ten seniors.


Letter GradeNumerical EquivalentGrade Point Value
A+98 - 1004.000
A95 - 974.000
A-93 - 943.670
B+91 - 923.330
B87 - 903.000
B-85 - 862.670
C+83 - 842.330
C78 - 822.000
C-76 - 771.670
D+74 - 751.330
D72 - 731.000
D-70 - 710.670

High Honors = 93+ average without any Ds
General Honors = 85+ average without any Ds
Failing = Below 70

Grade reports are issued three times each school year at the end of each 12-week trimester.