Providing a highly competitive academic program and supporting our students within it is the foundation upon which we have become known as one of Maine’s premier academic institutions.  Through the supports of the learning center, the math lab, and the advisor program, students are monitored at all times to ensure they are on track to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Course Offerings

To realize the educational and career potential and goals of its students, Erskine Academy presents a comprehensive range of courses and preparation programs from Advanced Placement to career and vocational training.

The academic program is structured on a block schedule consisting of four 80-minute classes, which meet every other day. AP courses are offered in: English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, U.S. History, Physics C, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus AB, Statistics, Spanish, Studio Art and Psychology. AP is an open-enrollment program. Honors-level courses are offered in freshman and sophomore English, Social Studies, Science, and Math courses. In addition, Erskine offers Spanish, German and French. Dual enrollment courses are offered in: English Composition, Public Speaking, College Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, Spanish, Introduction to Sports Management, US History, Introduction to Literature and Essentials of Watching Films.




Staff & Faculty

Extensively trained and highly qualified, Erskine Academy’s professional staff members are committed to the success of their students.  Erskine Academy’s faculty members are known for their knowledge,  compassion, and desire to see students succeed, and at 12-to-1, Erskine Academy’s student-to-teacher ratio ensures small class sizes and maximal learning opportunities.  EA teachers not only learn their students’ names but also get to know about their lives.  The small student-to-teacher ratio enables teachers and students to form relationships that carry on well after graduation.