About EA

Erskine Academy for You

Erskine Academy is Maine’s second-largest independent school located just outside the capital city of Augusta. Serving over 580 domestic and international students, EA provides an academic program designed to maximize a student’s potential. Beyond providing the highest quality educational experience in the area, Erskine’s close proximity to the Maine coast, lakes, and mountains offers ample opportunities for student recreation.

With over 175 course offerings, Erskine Academy’s rigorous academic program is designed to fully prepare each student for success in any career path he or she may choose. Comprehensive and diverse, the course offerings at EA not only focus on the skills necessary for academic accomplishment but also attend to the social skills needed to achieve well in life. Preparation for college is paramount; Erskine offers 12 Advanced Placement courses as well as multiple opportunities to enroll in college courses while still attending EA because of its close relationships with Colby College, the University of Maine, and other local colleges and universities. ┬áIn addition, Erskine Academy offers a diverse visual and performing arts program and an expansive foreign language department consisting of study in six languages and cultures.

A highly qualified and caring faculty is dedicated to your personal success and committed to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing opportunities that lead you to educational excellence. Erskine Academy inspires you to achieve what initially may seem out of reach. With its long history of successful post-secondary placement, EA graduates pursue and attend America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. By choosing Erskine Academy, you take the first step in ensuring your success.