Clubs & Organizations

Participation in clubs and activities is open to all students. All groups must have an adult advisor who assumes responsibility for supervision and direction for fundraising and planning for the activity. Additional clubs may be considered when students indicate an interest. The following is a list of active groups:

AFS Trip to Costa Rica


The BBC encourages discussion and reading of a wide range of fiction and nonfiction. At least once a year, the group meets with an author in person or via Skype and participates in field trips to purchase books for the library. Membership is open year-round to all students.

The EA Leadership Team is a group of students who speak to area 8th graders about the transition from 8th grade to high school and describe the various academic and extracurricular programs available at Erskine Academy. Students are chosen to participate on the Leadership Team during their freshman year based upon their leadership skills and positive contributions to the school community. Students remain on the Team during their four years at Erskine Academy.

The FBLA Club is open to any student enrolled in business classes. The Club operates like a business and runs the school store. Members are in charge of the store and have rotating work schedules. The club is involved in many activities such as inviting area business representatives to conduct actual job interviews and sending questionnaires to area businesses asking for their input as to what is needed in future employees. An annual activity involves visiting area nursing homes at Christmas time. The students make their own gifts to give to the patients and sing carols. The members organize a dance for area elementary schools and include activities as a way for the younger students to get acquainted with their new environment before they start their freshmen year.


Game Club is dedicated to giving students with an interest in table top games and multiplayer video games a place to feel welcome and nerd out with those who share their interests. Some popular games for the club include Super Smash Bros., Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Uno, and many others! Game Club is open to everyone who is interested. You can email Ms. Newcombe-Lang with any questions

The GSTA (Gay-Straight-Transgender Alliance) is a group of students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to making the school a safer and more informed place for all Erskine community members. Centered around LGBTQ youth and their Allies, the group promotes acceptance and tolerance of all individuals, providing members the opportunity to learn about LGBTQ current events, and fosters a deeper sense of community and friendship.


The HOPE (Helping Others Persevere at Erskine) Club is a student group that meets regularly to fundraise for resources to aid disadvantaged students at Erskine Academy. The Club welcomes as members those who are interested in helping others, have a giving heart, and would like to contribute to other students’ success and well-being at Erskine.

IOC –  Fomerly AFS (American Field Service) promotes intercultural learning through worldwide exchange programs. On a local level, IOC takes on more practical functions such as fundraising activities to cover chapter expenses and to provide some assistance for IOC students when possible. The student chapter may also organize a short-term exchange (STE) between U.S. communities for a small group of students who might not otherwise have the opportunity.


This club is sponsored by the local Whitefield Lions Club.  It provides high school students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills while serving the community. Students are expected to attend monthly meetings, work on service projects that the group has designated and attend a variety of special events.

The Erskine Academy Math Team competes at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. Varsity competition is open to all students grades 9–12. The first meet takes place in October with subsequent meets in November, December, February, and March. The Mid-Maine Invitational meet is in March, and the State meet is in April. The Junior Varsity Math Team is designed for freshmen and sophomores and consists of four “in-house” meets roughly corresponding to the Varsity meet schedule. All interested students are encouraged to participate. Practice schedules are flexible and will not conflict with athletic or other extracurricular practices.

The Outing Club is geared to all students and ventures out on a variety of trips such as hiking, cross country skiing, white water rafting, snowshoeing, ice skating, cultural excursions, and golf. Students will learn new skills and experience new challenges while developing their comfort levels and communication and leadership skills.

Project Graduation continues to thrive and grow at Erskine Academy as each year’s seniors commit their creative energies to celebrating graduation without alcohol and other drugs. The senior class participates in a variety of fundraisers during the school year, and the money raised goes towards a memorable occasion. It is a time to celebrate friendships without inviting tragedy.

The junior class begins organizing the prom in the fall. Since it is an extravagant event, much time is spent making high quality decorations. This requires much planning to maintain a reasonable cost factor. In the spring, the week of the prom is spent decorating the gym or an outside location with a focus on the selected theme.

The Speech Team, which is open to all interested students, provides an excellent opportunity for developing skills that will serve participants throughout their lives. Students compete in meets during the fall and winter, culminating with the State meet in February. Competition ranges in categories from Prose and Poetry to Impromptu speaking. Among the categories are Ensemble (two or more students working together), Exempt (presenting an opinion on current events), and Original Oratory (students present works they have created).

The Student Council members at Erskine Academy are elected or members-at-large in accordance with the Student Council constitution. The Council’s goal is to stimulate and develop healthy school spirit, encourage and maintain school activities, and foster a spirit of cooperation among faculty and the student body. Members also participate at the state and national levels.

The TGIF (Teens Growing In Faith) Club is a non-denominational student-led group that shares a common faith in God. Students meet once a week for Bible-based conversation and discussion about how to apply the lessons to daily living. Students also participate in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) activities around Central Maine. These activities are open to everyone! This group is very active and welcomes all who are interested in participating.

This club annually produces a three-act play that is performed for the community and the school and participates in a regional one-act play competition in March.

The mission of TLC (Teens Leading and Learning Through Community Service) is to provide opportunities for volunteer service within the larger community. By sharing their time and effort, students help benefit others while enhancing leadership skills, compassion for others, and commitment to the world around them. Functions are scheduled every two weeks and a meeting is held the first Monday of every month.

The yearbook staff is made up of students willing to work for an extended time during the school year to produce the visual record of the school, the Pinnacle. Working on the yearbook aids students in learning a variety of organizational and computer skills. Long-term dedication to the project is necessary. Applications are available for any student interested in participating.

This YMCA Youth and Government Program is a statewide program for students in grades 9–12. The program is designed to teach students the legislative process, the duties of elected offices, and an appreciation for participation in government. Students participate in a local training session for which they prepare bills, elect officials, and nominate a Governor candidate. The Central District Training Session is held online. The program takes place on a weekend in the fall when students take over the State House and utilize the offices of the actual legislators. The costs of the program are divided between the students and the school.