From the Headmaster

Welcome! More than a safe and inviting place to learn and enjoy, Erskine Academy is an experience you live in order to get somewhere else. Because we have been successfully educating thousands of young people for over 130 years, we anticipate your want for a superior education, which makes you eligible for admission to the nation’s finest colleges and prepares you for success there and in life. We deliver the opportunities and programs that make available to you many post high school choices and adventures. Our students may select the most competitive colleges or other institutions where they can best pursue their professional and career goals. The ultimate destination is yours. Your arriving to it as a person with competence, confidence, and conscience is of great importance to us.

Our students leave us ready to meet their futures and move our world. How is this achieved? Through an accomplished and caring faculty who intentionally integrate our defining principles—scholarship, leadership, stewardship, and relationships—in every decision we make and every program we create. Our independence as a private high school enables us to adopt teaching and management practices that more fully meet students’ needs and ensure the absolute best learning environment. We are free to innovate and are directly accountable to those we serve. Therefore, we are continuously aiming to do better what we do best—educate and prepare young people today for tomorrow.

Whether you come from our beautiful central Maine or from far away, here you will matter, here you will belong. Through your involvement with us and the conditions we create, you will discover your true talents and gifts and find the will and confidence to use them to do well for yourself while doing some good for others. With us, you are destined for success. We look forward to going the journey with you.

Michael J. McQuarrie, Headmaster