Covid-19 Information

Important Covid-19 Information letter 9/9/21



Close contacts must quarantine for 10 days from COVID-19 exposure from school and school activities except if at least one of the following conditions applies to the close contact:
1. The close contact (staff or student) is vaccinated and if the exposure occurred more than 14 days after the individual’s completion of the vaccine series. If the exposure occurred after vaccination but prior to the 14 days, the close contact must quarantine for the full-time period: or
2. The close contact (staff or student) has a previous positive COVID-19 test result (molecular or antigen) collected within 90 days of the exposure: or
3. The close contact (staff or student) participates in weekly school pooled testing and the exposure was a school exposure; or
4. The school has a mandatory masking policy. If so, then an exposed classroom student does not need to quarantine from regular school-day activities when the student close contact was at least 3 feet from an infected student (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) provided that:
 i. The school enforces consistent and correct use of well-fitting masks; and
ii. no direct physical contact occurred.
All unvaccinated close contacts (participating in pooled testing or not) must quarantine outside of class and other school-based functions (e.g., sports or extracurricular activities).

Fall Reopening letter from Mr. McQuarrie