Bus Routes 2023-24

*New Information*

As of 8/23 – Due to lack of transportation staff,  it has been necessary to reduce our number of bus routes from four to three. We are working hard to ensure that the amount of time any one student spends on a bus is as limited as possible. Please note that this development has changed our ability to provide door-to-door bus service. We appreciate your patience as we continue to search for a bus driver. If you know of any interested (and qualified) drivers who would like to join the Transportation Staff please have them contact Diane Galusha for more information at 445-2962.

2023-2024 Bus Routes Schedule

Students should be at their pick-up points 5­­­-10 minutes before the stated pick-up times for the first few days of school. Bus fare is $10 per week. Parents of freshmen are advised to check the bus schedule at New Student Orientation. China and Vassalboro run their own buses at no charge; this schedule is for Erskine-owned buses only.

Routes, drivers and bus numbers subject to change