Supplies List

**Important information regarding school supplies**
We have been asked about a list of supplies for freshmen–technically, there is no specific list. On the first day of school, all freshmen will have an opportunity to meet all of their teachers (blue day & white day teachers). Teachers will inform students about the specific supplies that are needed for each class. However, if you would like to purchase items before the start of school, here is a list of suggestions to get you started: three-ring binders for each class (1 ½” – 2’’ in thickness), file dividers for binders, loose leaf paper or a few one subject notebooks, colored pencils, pens (blue or black), pencils, a calculator, and an assignment notebook. Many students also purchase larger three-ring binders to stay organized–one binder for a blue day and one binder for a white day.
We hope this helps you plan for your first week of school.