End of Year Information for Seniors

Please read the attached letter from Headmaster McQuarrie for important UPDATED information concerning end-of-year activities, including the completion of remote learning and graduation:


May 14, 2020

Dear Erskine Seniors and Their Families–

In the week since my last letter to you, we have established a Senior End-of-Year Timeline by which you will conclude your high school studies, receive your diploma, and graduate from Erskine Academy.  Please give this information a close read, with particular attention to the dates. We will communicate any changes made to this schedule due to COVID-19 and civil emergency developments.

  • Monday, May 18.  No additional weekly assignment issued after this date.


  • Friday, May 22.  All third-trimester work is to be returned to teachers for a rating on the “F0-P1-P2” for engaging and participating in remote learning.



Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25



  • Tuesday, May 26.  Final grades for seniors are reported to guidance and the administration.



  • Wednesday, May 27.  Seniors receive email notification of their graduation standing.  Please check your Erskine247 email.



  • Thursday, May 28.  Seniors failing to receive credit in courses required for graduation are given the opportunity to report for school at 8:00am to begin credit recovery in small groups supervised by a teacher.  School-based credit recovery will continue until the senior sufficiently completes work in required courses for which they are lacking credit.



  • Monday, June 1.  8:00am–2:00pm.  Seniors return all school-issued materials and equipment, i.e., texts, library books, Chromebooks, etc., in the cafeteria (seniors enter the cafe from the side doors that open onto the athletic fields).  Seniors clean out lockers, then proceed to the Academic Assistance Classroom to receive the senior packet, which includes cap, gown, tassel, personalized EA cloth facemask, and senior documents including health records and awards.
  • Wednesday, June 3.  Last day of opportunity for school-based, senior credit recovery



  • Thursday, June 4, 6:00pm.  Senior Farewell to Faculty and Staff.  Faculty and staff will line the front field while maintaining physical distancing; seniors form a caravan of vehicles in the back parking lot and drive in the main entrance and out the main exit while waving their farewell to staff.




Twelve separate advisee group ceremonies held in the gym over Friday, June 5, and Saturday, June 6 comprise Graduation 2020.  


Friday, June 5th  

Mr. Bailey 1:00pm–1:45pm

Ms. Clark 2:00pm–2:45pm

Ms. Long 3:00pm–3:45pm

Ms. Shute 4:00pm–4:45pm

Ms. Tibbetts  5:00pm–5:45pm

Ms. Wood 6:00pm–6:45pm


Saturday, June 6th  

Ms. Chadwick 1:00pm–1:45pm

Ms. Malley 2:00pm–2:45pm

Ms. Dail 3:00pm–3:45pm

Mr. Farady 4:00pm–4:45pm

Ms. Porter 5:00pm–5:45pm

Ms. Tripp 6:00pm–6:45pm


Groups will report to the cafeteria through the cafeteria lobby entrance 30-minutes before graduation.  The formal ceremony will feature graduates marching into the gym in caps and gowns; rose boutonnieres and tassels; portions of the senior video; the announcement of future plans, scholarships, and awards.  Graduates will cross the stage to be met by family members who will physically present the diploma.  A photo area will be set in the Multipurpose room. At the end of each ceremony, graduates and guests will promptly exit to their vehicles parked in the gym lot, so that all areas used can be properly sanitized between sessions.

In closing, the school remains open to you Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-2:00pm. Please call us in advance or upon your arrival at 445-2962, and you will be greeted at the front doors.  Visit us during these hours of operations to pay any outstanding bills, drop off completed assignments, or to receive your yearbook and senior lawn sign.

Closing your high school careers and our school year in this manner is bittersweet.  On the one hand, you leave us well prepared and full of promise for a successful adulthood and a rewarding future.  On the other, we dislike having you leave us, particularly under these circumstances.  Still, there is optimism, celebration, and the belief that good wishes will be fulfilled.  


With every good wish,

Michael McQuarrie