EA Domino Effect Cereal Box Challenge

The EA “Domino Effect” Cereal Box Challenge

In mid-March, we were invited to a Cereal Box Challenge by Cony High School’s JMG program. The challenge to raise 1,334 boxes of cereal (one more than Cony’s total) would win a friendly, spirited competition and help the food insecure in our region.  

Cereal boxes raised between March 22 through April 2 were lined up to create a domino-effect spiral through Erskine’s hallways and gym on April 5th.   Following the live-streamed event, the EA Domino Effect-Cereal Box Challenge, we delivered the cereal to our local food pantries.  We also plan to challenge two more Maine high schools to keep the charitable momentum going with their own cereal drives.  

Of the many lessons learned in this pandemic year is how much we need each other, especially when it comes to being nourished—body and heart.  Our community joined The EA Domino Effect-Cereal Box Challenge and set off a chain reaction of philanthropy and goodwill across our region and state as we moved the challenge forward. 

Over 3500 boxes were collected and distributed. Words alone can not convey our gratitude.