How We Go Back To School

September 2, 2020

2020 School Reopening:  How We Go Back To School, Part IV

Dear Erskine Students and Families,

With under a week until our opening school day, this final installment of How We Go Back To School is the “nuts and bolts” issue.  Specifically, we are sharing information about what to expect when arriving at campus for your first school day.

  • COVID-19 Symptoms Self-checks.  Before coming to school each day, students and staff must conduct self-checks for COVID-19 symptoms before boarding buses or entering the school.  Any person showing symptoms must report their symptoms to the main office and not be present in school.  Students and staff staying home but feeling well should learn remotely.  A tool for the daily symptom screen is on pages 7-9 and Appendix B in the How We Go Back To School: A COVID-19 Guidebook posted on the school’s website.
  • Bus Routes.  Students riding any bus from home to school and back must wear a face mask before boarding, while riding, and departing the bus.  The Erskine Academy bus routes are now posted on the website and can be accessed (here). The cost of riding an Erskine Academy bus is $2.00 per day (Jefferson pays this fee for its high schoolers).  Please contact Assistant Headmaster John Clark with your transportation-related questions.

RSU #18 and Vassalboro provide bus transportation for their high schoolers to Erskine Academy.  Questions concerning China and Vassalboro bus routes should be directed to Transportation  Director for RSU#18 Lennie Goff (call 465-2102) and Transportation Supervisor Ashley Pooler (call 873-7048), respectively.

  • Arrival and Dismissal Times.  School is open to students at 7:00 am daily.  In observation of safety protocols, no arrivals to school before 7:00 am, please.  Upon arrival, students may go to the cafeteria for the Grab ‘n Go breakfast program and/or report directly to homeroom.  Student dismissal is at 2:01 pm daily.  Our new regular bell schedule is (here).
  • Student Parking and Drop-Off.  To maintain physical distancing while on Erskine buses (one per seat), parents are encouraged to provide transportation for their student(s) if possible.  Please drop students off at the gym lobby area (preferred) or front main driveway parking lot (please give the right of way to buses, and do not pass buses on either side if red lights are flashing).  Please note that the main driveway is one way. Student drivers are to park in the rear student parking lot (gym area).  Please leave all parking spaces adjacent to school buildings open, as these are reserved for faculty and staff.
  • Homeroom and Breakfast.  Upon arrival by bus or private vehicles, students are to enter the building wearing face masks while physically distancing (3 feet between and among students; 6 feet between and among adults) and go directly to their homerooms OR go to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast (available for free, reduced, or full purchase) then go directly to homeroom.  
  • Breakfast and Lunch, Free/Reduced/Pay.  Breakfast is available daily for student pick-up after 7:00 am daily and is to be taken directly to homeroom.  Lunch will be served over five lunch periods and in various locations to ensure proper distancing of six feet between and among students because eating and drinking require mask removal.  Both the breakfast and lunch programs are available to all students on a free/reduced/or full pay basis.  An application for the Free and Reduced program is among the paperwork issued to students on the first school day.

Provisions have been made to provide breakfasts and lunches for Free/Reduced/Pay for remote days as “To Go Meals” for any student.  For more information about the foodservice program, please see Erskine Academy School Breakfast and Lunch Program Updates for School Year 2020-2021 (here).  

  • New Regular Bell Schedule.  A new daily bell schedule is (here). Note that the first bell to homeroom is at 7:25 am, which means students should arrive at school between 7:00 am and 7:25 am. This daily schedule is to be followed for in-person instruction, hybrid instruction, and full-remote instruction.
  • Hallways and Public Spaces.  Safety protocols require that we not assemble or mingle together in allways or public spaces around campus.  Most activity will occur within the classroom and the student cohort group.  When passing between classes or leaving the classroom for a permitted purpose, students are to stay as far to the right as possible (think of driving a car).  When signing out of a class (there will be no physical passes written), it is critical that students legibly print their full name, destination, time in, and time returned.

Visits to administrative or guidance offices, library and cafeteria are restricted to appointments that can be made by Erskine247 Gmail or with teacher permission. 

  • Student Schedule for September 8 through September 11.  

In-person Instruction:

Monday, Sept. 7, No School.  Happy Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept. 8, Freshmen Only (Cohort A, last name A-K)

Wednesday, Sept. 9, Freshmen Only (Cohort B, last name L-Z)

Thursday, Sept. 10, Grades 9 through 12 (Cohort A, last name A-K)

Friday, Sept 11, Grades 9 through 12 (Cohort B, last name L-Z)

Note:  Hybrid-Remote and Full-Remote Learning will begin on Monday, September 14, and will follow the in-person bell schedule.

Full-Remote students will be notified about dates next week (Sept.7-11) when they can pick up their school-issued materials, e.g., textbooks, Chromebook (if needed), equipment, required paperwork, etc.  

  • Guidance and Schedule Changes.  All students—In-person, Hybrid, Full-remote—must be enrolled in six classes (or attempting six credits) each year.  Students currently scheduled for fewer than the required number of classes will be notified by Guidance to add classes.  For more information concerning guidance-related matters please view Ten Frequently Asked Questions of the Guidance Department (here).
  • Access to Computer Technology.  Hybrid-remote and Full-remote learning will require computer technology and online connectivity.  It is highly encouraged and recommended that students use and bring their own device to school, as remote learning will principally use the Google Suite of Applications, i.e., Google Classroom and Google Meet.  Students without a device may sign-out a Chromebook from the library for in-school and remote use.  Please make your technology needs known to your faculty adviser.

Please check our website beginning Thursday, September 3, and at your convenience, view a virtual New Student Orientation for the Class of 2024 and New Students to Erskine Academy.  Should you encounter any difficulties accessing the items above, please call the school, 445-2962.  Thank you.

Kind regards,

Michael McQuarrie, Headmaster


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