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 A. Leigh Phillips Scholarship – DEADLINE 03/01/19
This scholarship is available for students with a disability(ies) identified under IDEA and Chapter 101.

A. W. Williamson Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/30/19
Available only to current students or graduating seniors who are residents of Jefferson, Maine.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship – DEADLINE 06/14/18
This scholarship is available to all high school seniors registered at any accredited post secondary institution.

AGC Maine Education Foundation – DEADLINE 03/31/19
This scholarship is available for students pursuing careers in construction.

AlphaOne Powering Education Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/01/19
This scholarship was established to assist people with disabilities who wish to pursue post-secondary education.

American Legion Department of Maine Application for Children & Youth Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
This scholarship is available for any senior looking to further their education.

American Society of Civil Engineers Maine Section Scholarship – DEADLINE 01/31/19
This scholarship is for seniors who plan for a career in civil engineering.

Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship – DEADLINE
This scholarship program assists undergraduate students pursuing studies in sustainable and organic agriculture.

B. Davis Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/24/19
This scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors.

Bernier Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/06/19
This scholarship is available for all high school seniors who graduated from Chelsea School.

Betty Glidden Scholarship Fund – DEADLINE 05/15/19
This scholarship is available to seniors who reside in Palermo and are a Palermo Consolidated School graduate.

BigSun Scholarship – DEADLINE 06/19/19
All students athletes are eligible for this scholarship regardless of which sport they participate in.

BPW/Maine – Rachel E. Lemieux & Arline Andrews Lovejoy Youth Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/13/19
This scholarship is awarded to a female who will enroll in an accredited college or training program of more than one year in length.

BPW/Maine – Jeanne L. Hammond Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/13/19
This scholarship is awarded to a female who will enroll in an accredited college or training program of more than one year in length.

Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund – DEADLINE 02/01/19
This scholarship is available to seniors graduating from high school who will attend a four-year college. This is also available to seniors graduating from high school who will attend a Maine Community College.

Daniel E. Lambert Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
Applicants must demonstrate financial need, must be a resident of the State of Maine, U.S. Citizen, parent or grandparent must be a veteran.

Doris L. Young Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
This scholarship is available to China residents who have lived in the town of China for the last 7 consecutive years.

Dronethusiast $500 Women in Science UAV Scholarship – DEADLINE 12/01/19
This scholarship is available to women of all majors who are going to school anywhere in the world

Elanco Animal Health Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/01/19
Eligible applicants are High school seniors planning to enroll in a four year science-related degree.

Elks National Foundation Legacy Scholarship – DEADLINE 02/01/19
Legacy Awards are $4,000 scholarships ($1,000 per year for four years) for children and grandchildren of Elks members.

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship – DEADLINE 11/15/18
The Elks National Foundation will award 500 four-year scholarships to the highest-rated applicants in the 2016 competition.

Empowering Others Scholarship – DEADLINE 10/05/19
This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who can demonstrate how their major can be used to empower others.

FAME – Educators for Maine Program – DEADLINE
This program is a forgivable loan program for Maine students who pursue careers as teachers, child care providers or school speech pathologists.

Gardiner Federal Credit Union Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/28/19
Multiple scholarships are given to local area graduates who are pursuing a post-secondary education.

George Coleman Scholarship – DEADLINE 03/15/19
Each year, the New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers awards scholarships to high school graduates who will be enrolling in a NEACRAO member institution for the fall semester of that year.

George V. Soule Scholarship – DEADLINE
This scholarship is designed for a student who will be starting their education in one of the following areas of study: Wildlife Conservation, Conservation Law Enforcement, Forest Management or a closely related field.

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program – DEADLINE 01/04/19
Honoring the legacy and character of our nation’s 40th President, the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program rewards college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education.

Gertrude M. Jordan Memorial Trust Fund – DEADLINE 05/15/19
Applicants must be a senior who resides in Palermo.

Grand Royal Arch Chapter Scholarship – DEADLINE 05-18-19
For students who are planning to attend a two- or four-year degree-granting institution.

Hardy Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 06/01/19
Offered by the Coopers Mills Volunteer Fire Department, the Hardy Memorial Scholarship grants $300-$600 to a local student who intends to serve in the emergency services later in life.  “Emergency services” is a loose term here, encompassing volunteer and career firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement, dispatchers, etc.  Applicants must live in Whitefield or one of its mutual aid towns – Somerville, Windsor, and Jefferson.  Scholarship funds can be used for college tuition or can be used for other education-related costs including books and course materials, technology (laptop, iPad, etc.), or other related expenses.

Horatio Alger Assoc. Career & Technical Scholarship – DEADLINE 10/25/19
High school seniors who intend to pursue postsecondary education at a community college or technical school should consider this scholarship.

How To Start A Blog Scholarship – DEADLINE Year Round
Students are asked to follow the free guides available on to create a blog about a passion of theirs and on that blog, post a video explaining how they think blogging will impact the future of the digital age and working in America.

James A. Veilleux Scholarship – DEADLINE
The KSW Federal Credit Union gives a $500.00 to a graduating senior from a local high school.  It was established to recognize outstanding full-time students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements.

James V. Day Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be a Maine resident & US citizen, and have a parent or grandparent who is a member of the Maine American Legion.

Joe Bornstein – Arrive Alive Creative Contest – DEADLINE 05/10/19
This contest is open to graduating seniors who wish to send a message to their peers about the dangers of drinking and driving and of distracted driving.

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest – DEADLINE 01/18/19
The Profile in Courage Essay Contest challenges students to write an original and creative essay that demonstrates an understanding of political courage as described by John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage.

Joseph B. Ezhaya Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/19/19
Joe Ezhaya was a community leader who distinguished himself with his warmth, enthusiasm, generosity and particularly, his friendships. Successful candidates for this scholarship should share Joe’s interest in citizenship, community service and exemplify his spirit and vitality.

This scholarship is for seniors who reside within approx. 20 mile radius of Waterville or a customer of KFS as of the scholarship program launch date.

Kennebec Retired Educators Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/10/19
This scholarship is available to any high school senior who will be attending a four year college or university in preparation for the teaching profession.

Kennebec Valley Garden Club – DEADLINE 04/30/19
This scholarship is available to students who are interested in majoring in horticulture, landscape design, conservation, forestry, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, environmental studies or other gardening related fields.

Maine 4-H Foundation & Waldo County Extension Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/12/19
Organizations under the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. The $1,500 award will be presented at the Annual 4-H Foundation meeting in May at The University of Maine.

Maine Blue Collar Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
This scholarship is for seniors who will be pursuing a career in the trades.  This scholarship can be utilized to purchase tools, uniforms, books or for tuition at a trade school.

Maine Community Foundation Scholarships – Multiple scholarships available. First-time user instructions.

Maine Dairy Princess Scholarship Pageant – DEADLINE 06/05/19
Clinton Lions Fair in Clinton

Maine Difference by Lamey Wellehan – DEADLINE 05/30/19
This scholarship is for seniors who plan on majoring in ecology and economics of Maine.

Maine Educational Loan Authority – DEADLINE 
The Maine Loan™ is available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students to borrow funds up to the full cost of education less other financial aid. This loan program exists to bridge the gap between the full cost of college and traditional financial aid resources. The Maine Loan™ is Maine’s Alternative Student Loan™.

MaineGeneral Health Scholarships – DEADLINE 04/03/19
To support the education of those pursuing careers in direct-service health care professions at MaineGeneral.

Maine Graphic Arts Association Scholarship – DEADLINE
This scholarship is for students who plan on continuing their education in the field of graphic arts printing technology.

Maine Innkeepers Education Foundation – DEADLINE
This scholarship is open to any Maine student pursuing a career in the hotel administration and culinary sciences.

Maine Legislative Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
The Maine Legislative Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to annually recognize one student from each county who is planning to pursue their education at a 2 or 4-year degree granting Maine college or technical school.  This scholarship is available for full or part-time students.

Maine Manufacturers Career and Training Foundation Education Fund Scholarship Program  – DEADLINE 04/30/19
The Maine Manufacturers Career and Training Foundation, administered at the Manufacturers Association of Maine, provides scholarship awards to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding record and the overall potential to attend an institution of higher learning, majoring in manufacturing trade or related areas. This scholarship is restricted to the study of precision machining technology, manufacturing technology, welding and engineering and will be used to pay for tuition costs and textbooks only.

Maine Society of Professional Engineers – DEADLINE 03/15/19
All applicants must intend to earn a degree in engineering and to enter the practice of engineering after graduation.

Maine Sports Legends DEADLINE 04/20/19
This scholarship is for scholars/athletes who demonstrate scholarship, athletic ability, leadership, character and community service.

Maine State Credit Union Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/05/19
Students who are a primary member of the Maine State CU are eligible for this scholarship.

Maine State Employees Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/19/19
All applicants must have a relationship with a dues-paying MSEA member.

Maine State Golf Association Scholarship Fund – DEADLINE 04/01/19
This scholarship is for students who participate in golf, show good character, academic performance and are in financial need.

Maine State Grange Agricultural Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/26/19
Maine seniors pursuing a career in agriculture or an agriculturally related field should apply for this scholarship.

Maine Youth Cheerleading Coaches Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 
This scholarship will be awarded to two seniors who have participated in cheerleading.

Mainely Character – DEADLINE 03/01/19
This scholarship is to reward Maine students who have demonstrated a continuing commitment to character and self-development.

Maureen D. Keller Undergraduate Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/20/19
This scholarship is available to a Maine student who intends to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the biological or earth sciences.

Military Children Program Scholarships – DEADLINE 02/15/19
Only dependent unmarried children under age 23 of active duty personnel, reserve/guard and retired military members, or survivors of service members who died while on active duty or survivors of individuals who died while receiving retired pay from the military, may apply for a scholarship.

Mitchell Institute Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/01/19
To be eligible, each recipient must be a legal resident of Maine and must plan to attend a four-year or two-year degree program at an accredited college or university and must be a graduating senior from a public high school in Maine. The strongest applicants demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and community impact.

MOFGA/Russell Libby Agricultural Scholarship DEADLINE 03/20/19
This scholarship will be awarded to students and teachers seeking to deepen their knowledge of organic and sustainable farm systems.

National Association of Women in Construction – Maine Chapter 276 – DEADLINE
Applicants must be enrolled in a course, which is specifically designed for construction, such as carpentry, civil engineering, architecture, welding, electrical, plumbing or construction management.

NETCo Scholarship Fund for Windsor, ME Residents – DEADLINE 05/31/19
This scholarship was established to encourage Windsor residents to enroll in college.

New Dimensions Federal Credit Union “Trek to Success” – DEADLINE 03/01/19
This is a physical and mental challenge race for high school seniors, from Kennebec and Somerset County high schools, who are going on to college or a secondary school.

This scholarship was established in honor of MES founder Dick Pierce.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need, with the goal of assisting students who might not otherwise continue their post-secondary education without financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded on a renewable basis for up to 4 years (depending on the grade level of the student). In order to receive the renewable awards, students must earn a minimum of 12 credits per semester and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Robbie Foundation – DEADLINE 
This scholarship is open to students with a developmental disability who are pursuing a post-secondary education.

Rodney C. Harmon Memorial Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/03/19
Any Maine resident who is currently enrolled, or will enroll, full-time in an accredited post-secondary educational institution and is pursuing an Associates, or higher degree, is eligible.

Ruffed Grouse Society Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/05/19
This scholarship will be given to a deserving student who will be starting their education in one of the following areas of study: Wildlife Conservation, Conservation Law Enforcement, Forest Management or a closely related field.

Society of Professional Journalists – DEADLINE 02/22/19
The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Journalism Education Association want to increase high school students’ knowledge and understanding of the importance of independent media to our lives.

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund – DEADLINE 05/01/19
Applicants must be a US citizen and a permanent resident of a New England State.  They would be a full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s degree (BA, BS, BFA, BSN, for example) for the first time.

The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship – DEADLINE 12/01/18
The main purpose of the High School Oratorical Scholarship Program is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students. This contest is for the student who looks for an academic challenge and an opportunity to gain scholarship monies.

Town of Jefferson Scholarships and Merit Achievement Awards – DEADLINE 03/22/19
The Town of Jefferson Scholarship applicants must be a resident of Jefferson for at least 4 years.  The Merit Achievement Award applicants must be a resident and graduate of Jefferson Village School.

United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – DEADLINE 01/11/19
This scholarship if available to graduating high school seniors in the US, where that state has an active JCI Senate program.

University of Maine – Merit Based Scholarships for Engineering Students – DEADLINE 12/31/18
High school seniors who will attend UMaine to study engineering or engineering technology will compete for up to 24 scholarship awards.

Vassalboro Business Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 04/15/19
Applicant must have been a resident to Vassalboro for the past two years and provide evidence of community service in that same two year period.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship – DEADLINE 02/19/19
The Vegetarian Resource Group each year will award a scholarship to graduating U.S. high school students who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities.

VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association Scholarship – DEADLINE 12/14/18
The VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association annually awards scholarships to VII Corps veterans and family members.

W. Scott Reid Nurses Scholarship Fund – DEADLINE 06/10/19
Applicants must be actively enrolled in a major field of study leading to a degree in Nursing here in Maine.

WACE National Co-Op Scholarship Application – DEADLINE 02/15/19
These merit co-op scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors and transfer students who plan to participate in college cooperative education at one of WACE’S Partner Institutions.

WBRC Architects Engineers Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
WBRC Architects Engineers is celebrating its 117th year in business and is once again offering Maine high school graduating seniors a chance to compete for two annual $500 Centennial Scholarship Awards for students entering a post-secondary architecture or engineering program. Application

WTS Foundation – Maine Chapter – DEADLINE 02/15/19
This scholarship is designed for outstanding female high school seniors in the State of Maine who demonstrate interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Whitefield Lions Club Scholarship – DEADLINE 05/01/19
Applicants should be past graduates from the towns of Jefferson, Whitefield, Somerville or Windsor, or a member of the Erskine Leo Club.

Whitefield Lions Legacy Scholarship – DEADLINE 
Seniors residing in the towns of Windsor, Whitefield, Somerville & Jefferson who are enrolled in a 2-year community college are eligible for this scholarship.